Scotland’s Centre for
Design and Architecture

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Library offering visitors a chance to explore and analyse a wide range of sustainable building materials by Architecture and Design Scotland.

An installation by fragrance designer Clara Weale inspired by The Lighthouse in its 20th anniversary year. 

Tests of Change helps Scottish schools make the most of their existing spaces using ‘space hacks’ to quickly allow pupils and teachers explore possibilities for their schools.

Exhibition bringing together a collection of handmade book structures and forms, demonstrating the diversity and innovation present in contemporary bookbinding.

Linguistics meets alchemy in this fantastical deconstruction of the ways we communicate.

The Lighthouse celebrates its 20th Birthday with an exhibition of archive material. 

Social Alchemy presents a set of ceramic furniture made of hand-sculpted tiles imprinted by the layers of actions and convivial rituals within the specific space of the living room.

Unbuilt Mackintosh showcases stunning architectural models based on the unbuilt designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Yuri Suzuki draws on the musique concrète of such composers as Brian Eno and Erik Satie, seeking to turn noises that we consider disruptive or distracting into more pleasurable sound.


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