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The Festival is a major, year-long, Scotland-wide celebration led by The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

This exhibition pairs selected examples of Glasgow interiors with iconic Mackintosh chairs to showcase the epitome of Glasgow Style and Art Nouveau hidden inside local buildings.

Take an Adventure in Space at The Lighthouse as part of the year-long Festival of Architecture. 

Nobody’s Home – an exhibition featuring the work of photographer – and former Buzzcocks drummer – John Maher is part of Architecture and Design Scotland’s Say Hello to Architecture Programme.

Library offering visitors a chance to explore and analyse a wide range of sustainable building materials by Architecture and Design Scotland.

2016 is the Scottish Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

LAGI Glasgow is demonstrating the potential for artists, designers and architects to contribute to renewable energy infrastructure and integrate it into a place-making approach.

One. is the debut exhibition from Glasgow-based design group, The Garnet Collective. It features the work of Nicholas Faill, Adam Henderson, Jennifer MacKinlay and Hannah Grace Ryan.

This photography exhibition combines and contrasts the work of four photographers, each with a distinct body of work but sharing thematic, aesthetic and conceptual overlaps.

Unbuilt Mackintosh showcases stunning architectural models based on the unbuilt designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


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