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  • Please note that the exhibitions are the only spaces currently open to the public. The Mackintosh room, café, viewi…… March 2022
  • The Lighthouse is a venue for @crypticglasgow Sonica programme. These exhibitions will run from the 10th-20th Mar…… March 2022
  • .@crypticglasgow is looking for you to participate in #SonicLights by creating your own sound and light installatio…… November 2020

Visit / Exhibitions / The Scottish Furniture Makers – The Furniture Maker’s Art

The Scottish Furniture Makers – The Furniture Maker’s Art 04 Oct 2013 – 20 Oct
Gallery One

The Scottish Furniture Makers Association (SFMA) has a vision of its future as a progressive group of Scottish designer-makers, offering innovative furniture pieces that are keenly sought after throughout the world. By doing so, they are following a strong Scottish tradition of seeing oneself as part of the world, not simply on its edge. In exhibiting at The Lighthouse, Glasgow in 2013, the SFMA is recognising the proud heritage of a city in which these values are reflected.


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