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The End is the Beginning 01 Nov 2012 – 25 Nov
Long Gallery


This joint project between textile designer Mhari McMullan and visual artist Urara Tsuchiya explores a series of symbiotic relationships; between art and craft; dance and narrative; performance and environment; pattern and movement; the work and the audience; and between the two artists. It is a combination of costume, props, backdrops and set design and involves a pre-recorded series of performances and interventions.

The exhibition references Bauhaus Theatre and the idea of art and design co-existing, as well as the Ballet Russe, where props, costume and set design were vital elements to initiate collaboration between artists, directors or choreographers of the time. The work (supported by Hope Scott Trust) was started during a residency and series of workshops at The Lighthouse in July 2012 and will go on to inform future projects for both practitioners, working independently and collaboratively - the end is the beginning.

Image courtesy of Mhari McMullan


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