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Second Act 16 May 2013 – 02 Jun
Digital Design Gallery

Second Act is a digital group exhibition offering a new, contemporary view of Glasgow seen by emerging and established photographers based in the city.

It depicts the city as an ever evolving play: the streets the stage set, the citizens the characters. Comedy, tragedy and drama unfold around us daily.

It features the city’s framework - the streets, small alleyways and buildings, and allows us a glimpse into the soul of the city, the people and the community. It shows us the varied characters, nationalities and stories that weave the fabric of the city and make Glasgow such a vibrant place to be.

Photographers include Mark Osborne, Sara MacGregor, Tom Manley, Ross Finnie, Mateusz Sleczka, Gordon Chalmers, Katie Flaherty, Neale Smith & Heidi Kuisma.

Exhibition curated by Heidi Kuisma.

Images: Mateusz Sleczka (Top), Sara MacGregor



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