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Press / Instagram-inspired exhibition set to raise self-confidence

Instagram-inspired exhibition set to raise self-confidence 08 Apr 2015

For one night only, an event organised by a group of volunteers will exhibit work and raise funds for a project which replies to the manipulation of images in lifestyle photography. The event takes place on 18 April at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture.

Two Glasgow-based girls, Emma Diamond (24) a hairdresser from Paisley and working in Glasgow’s west end, and Donna McGowan (25) a photographer from Linwood, have developed the idea of offering free photoshoots to volunteers who have hang ups about their bodies, male and female, where they demonstrate the use of great styling and photography, rather than ‘airbrushing’ an image.

“We feel that people’s confidence and self worth are affected after being exposed to edited and untrue images on a regular basis. We want to promote more natural, true beauty and celebrate individuality.” says Donna McGowan.

Emma carried on; “We have been working together on this project to promote a healthy and positive body image and help people feel more comfortable in their own skin.

“We want the design industry to think more responsibly about using more natural images of people to sell products or ideas, including the impact they may have. Question the 'norm', be more mindful of how media, especially social media, affects us and how we feel about ourselves. Realise that as individuals we can have a big impact on others and we shouldn't just accept flaws in society. ”

As posting images moves to just become a daily habit, body hang-ups will become even more of an issue and social movements like #NOFILTER from Emma and Donna will become more important to support.

Donna added: “In future we hope to be able to hold workshops and work with a wide variety of people, especially young teenagers, to educate them on body image, confidence and the reality of media and social media.”

Ian Elder, The Lighthouse finished: “We are happy to support this project as it challenges how things are done and puts the individual in the foreground.”

Tickets for the event are on sale now via but there is limited capacity, so be quick!


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