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Press / Glaswegians bare all for a ‘body image revolution’

Glaswegians bare all for a ‘body image revolution’ 14 Apr 2015

The #NoFilter Project, dubbed as a "body image revolution", showcases the efforts of Glasgow girl Emma Diamond and photographer Donna McGowan at The Lighthouse on Saturday.

Showcasing three #NoFilter photo shoots which have yet to be shown in public, the exhibition offers an exclusive viewing of over 30 models.

Tickets to the event, costing £4, can be purchased online here with the exhibition running from 7.30pm to 10.30pm.

(Donna McGowan from No Filter Project)

As well as the images, an illustrator and artist will be on hand putting their take on the photographs, with live music and a motivational speaker also being in attendance.

All the models from the shoots will be at the Lighthouse to get the chance to speak about their experiences in what is expected to be a "very creative and interactive night."

Donna McGowan, the photographer for the project, spoke to STV about how far the duo have come.

She said: "We only started this in August, and we've already come a long away.

"We had a mini-event in October, but this is on a much larger scale. We want to raise awareness for the cause - we are incredibly excited about the whole thing."

(Donna McGowan from No Filter Project)

A long-term project

Donna added that despite the fact the project seems like a conclusion to their work, there is much still to come from the #NoFilter project.

"This won't be the end though. We want to keep doing photo shoots and even have plans to expand to schools - and take the battle to where it starts at such a tough age," she said.

"The event this weekend is essentially a fundraiser. We plan to build a social enterprise to try and deal with the insecurities that people face on a daily basis."

The photographer added that having insecurities is something that people have to deal with regularly on a daily basis, however it doesn't have to be this way.

She said: "We are bombarded everyday with things that make us feel insecure, and people need to deal with these issues constantly.

"No Filter aims to promote body positivity. I've heard of people as young as five wanting to go on diets, and people at school constantly calling themselves fat - this has to end."

(Donna McGowan from No Filter Project)

'Like a family'

Donna said that she hopes the work put in by herself and project-partner Emma has helped change people's attitudes.

"The support really has been amazing. All of the models really have been great and we've all become quite close, it's like a family," she said.

"Our Facebook page now has over 1500 likes and we are still constantly receiving messages about shoots - we've been really overwhelmed.

"I hope we have managed to help change attitudes - we have seen a lot on social media so it would be a great feeling to know we helped with that movement."

The co-organiser of the project added that although they were shy at first, the male shoot was equally as successful.

"We had around ten guys come to our first ever male shoot, which was more than we had expected," Donna said.

"They came from all different backgrounds which was nice to see, it was similar to the female shoot.

"They were quiet at first, but eventually they got into it and they seemed to love the whole experience - we'd love to keep that momentum going to try and change people's opinions of themselves!"

(Donna McGowan from No Filter Project)

A limited numbers of tickets are available here or pay on the door.

Photos courtesy of No Filter Project photographer Donna McGowan.

Article Source: STV Glasgow,

Twitter: @nofilterproject


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