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DECADE - The recession - a catalyst for change?
Architecture and Design Scotland
Gallery Two
18 June 2015
1.30 - 4.30pm

Emerging Practice
The recession: a catalyst for change?

As we emerge from the deepest recession in living memory we find that while much of the construction industry has been hibernating, a quiet revolution has been taking place. Those in a position to provide support have done so by offering ways for new and emerging practices to get a foot on the ladder through design competitions, and other new ways of doing old things.

Others have created vehicles such as - Design JAMs, Hacks and CHIASMAs to generate new ideas, while some have been off doing their own thing - from architecture without architects to the use of open source architecture and supported self-build projects as delivery mechanisms. This event will explore the influence that these new ways of working will have as the world begins to move on.

Tickets are £6 or £4 for students/concessions and can be purchased via this link

13:30 - Registration
13:45 - Introduction and first presentation.

Contributors include:

Karen Anderson, Chair, Architecture and Design Scotland

Snook - Award winning service design agency

Assemble Collective Self Build - Bringing people together to build their own homes

Taktal - An agency that produces creative projects and connects people with spaces

Design in Action - Putting design as a strategy at the heart of industry for design-led business innovation

This talk is part of DECADE – a series of talks on architecture in Scotland which will reflect on the past 10 years and look forward to the important issues of the next decade. Established in 2005, Architecture and Design Scotland is Scotland’s champion for good design and sustainable places. Over the last 10 years A+DS has helped create sustainable places in Scotland – through advocacy, advice and by showcasing the best examples of Scotland’s contemporary architecture. DECADE covers topics ranging from sustainable development and emerging practice to housing and green spaces.

Tickets are £6 or £4 for students/concessions and can be purchased via this link


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