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Critical Regionalism: A National Perspective
Speakers: Vincent Hon, Christine Halliday, and Nicholas Russell
Gallery Four
10th September
6.00pm - 8.00pm

Join us at The Lighthouse, Scotland's national centre for design and architecture, on Thursday 10th September, 6.00pm - 8.00pm (drinks reception from 5.00pm) for 'Critical Regionalism: A National Perspective'.

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Continuing the Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA) lecture series on 'Critical Regionalism' and to coincide with The Lighthouse's Glenn Murcutt Touch the Earth Lightly and Space, Time, Place & Occasion exhibitions, we invite you to participate in a discussion on the ideas of place and a more progressive approach to our built environment.

Speakers at the event will include three Advanced Architectural Design students from the University of Strathclyde: Vincent Hon (VIA CAMBA: Public Infrastructure for Social Change); Christine Halliday (Consolations of the Landscape); and Nicholas Russell (RECROPOLIS). The three speakers will engage with the topic of ‘Critical Regionalism’ and the themes of transformation of the city; the global dilemma of women in the built environment; and the relationship between death and architecture.

We would be delighted if you could join us for this important discussion on our sense of place and if architecture can be more than just 'architecture' in the twenty-first century.

Vincent Hon - VIA CAMBA: Public Infrastructure for Social Change
VIA CAMBA (the Cruceño way) is a new city infrastructure plan for the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra, one of the fastest growing cities in the world and the economic and financial capital of Bolivia.  Santa Cruz faces the increasingly serious difficulties of wealth disparity, urban sprawl, social exclusion and divide that blight many of our global metropolises.

Christine Halliday - Consolations of the Landscape
The de-normalisation of the abuse of women proceeds slowly, where it proceeds at all. Utilising the symbolic power of architecture to enhance the importance of this process is a subtle undertaking, requiring a delicate judgement of the balance between the offering of security, beauty and peace that well designed architecture can make, and the presence of that symbolism in the public realm. By making such a proposal so intensively of a particular place and circumstance, ‘Consolations of the Landscape’ offers a view of architecture as part of a healing process, as well as a gentle but insistent criticism.

Nicholas Russell - RECROPOLIS
RECROPOLIS (a play on the famous Glasgow Necropolis) is an investigation into the future relationship between architecture and mortality, focusing primarily on the west of Scotland. With an ever expanding and densifying city and suburban landscape it is clear that we face unprecedented pressures to make best use of the available land resources with the UK. This, coupled with a spiralling population growth (and therefore larger interment demand), pose the question: is there really space within the landscapes of tomorrow for "dead space"?

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