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Blog / The merging of art with architecture

The merging of art with architecture 20 Aug 2015
by Marion Gardyne

ARTchitecture is an exhibition of collage work that brings together the essential elements of art with the architectural features of buildings. This merging of art with architecture is reflected in the exhibition title.

The artwork draws the viewers attention to the often overlooked or unnoticed features of Glasgow buildings. This is particularly relevant during September when the Glasgow Building Preservation Trust celebrates the architectural heritage of the city with the Doors Open Day Festival. I am delighted to be participating in this.

Exhibited will be a collection of distinctive, kaleidoscopic, 3D collages created from my own photographs. The photographs, once printed, are moved around and rearranged many times on board with consideration given to the line, shape, pattern and colour of the buildings I have visually recorded. By raising parts of the design from the surface of the board a sense of the three dimensional aspect of the architecture develops.

A Glasgow born artist and teacher, I have lived in the city most of my life and have grown up with the imposing buildings that dominate the skyline. I have walked for miles around the city using my small digital camera to photograph the inspiring buildings. I have chosen not to use digital programmes in my work, preferring to use the photographs as and when they were taken, capturing the effect of the natural light and atmosphere whatever the Glasgow weather.

On display will be collages of buildings designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh including The Lighthouse, created especially for this exhibition, and Scotland Street School. Other buildings represented are Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson’s Holmwood Villa and William Leiper’s stunning Templeton’s Carpet Mill façade. Also featured is a collage named ‘Glasgow Street’ which highlights the architecture of 14 significant buildings in the city including the City Chambers, The Glasgow Mosque, Glasgow Cathedral, St Andrews Cathedral, the Central Gurdwara and Garnethill Synagogue.

My work also aims to reflect the historical background and purpose of the buildings featured. Those depicting The Lighthouse include the iconic contemporary internal helical staircase, external brick chimney and other architectural functions relevant to the newspaper printing industry at the end of the 19th century.

I continue to record and enjoy the energy and diversity of the architecture in my vibrant home city and am delighted to be able to share my interpretation of some of these buildings with you.

ARTchitecture Exhibition


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