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Lighthouse Late October 25 Aug 2015
by Ian Elder

I am really excited that we are about to host our third Lighthouse Late. Almost 500 people came to the last Late and enjoyed the great mix of events. When planning an event like the Lighthouse Late we know that the basic format will stay the same, but the approach to content is still evolving. There is no great master plan of themes; the selection is quite personal and impulsive. It relies on what opportunities exist and what is being talked about.

The planning starts around the central idea that it is a night out; a mix of speakers, bands, DJ’s workshop, design markets and film. Any one of these strands could be the reason that people attend and the hope is that they will take the opportunity to get involved in other aspects of the evening and hopefully be inspired, or simply entertained. We get fantastic support from The List, Glasgow Film Theatre, our sponsors and many others without which The Lighthouse Lates’ would not be as successful as they are.

There is no single reason why Berlin was chosen as the theme, but the attraction and links between the cities are obvious and strong¹; In 2018 the cities will be co-hosting the European Athletics Championships which in turn will generate lots of opportunities to create collaborations across the Creative Industries.

The primary reason for choosing this theme was to think about what makes it interesting, inspiring, and fun to work in the Creative Industries in either of these cities. I know that the Graphic Design Festival which opens in October will also feature a number of Graphic Designers from Berlin, another link and another opportunity to be inspired.

If you have seen the previous designs for The Lighthouse Late you will have seen that Tangent are continuing to develop the Late concept and adapt it to each theme. Given the iconic tagging and street art on The Wall and the massive creative scene in Berlin, Tangent have taken the German word for late – spät – and added a halftone effect to suggest spray-paint, the use of fluorescent green reinforces that suggestion. They used a typeface from a Berlin foundry, but have kept the usual Lighthouse Late branding consistent with the focus on type and creative, rather than photography.

The official launch was the 19 August, tickets are available via this link (£15pp) and we have already started to announce the bands. Expect more information to follow soon on other events and speakers. Pre-sales are going well so get your tickets now.

¹ Source "[...]There is no single reason why Berlin was chosen as the theme [...], but the attraction and links between the cities are obvious and strong."

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