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Social Alchemy 26 Jul 2019 – 29 Sep
Review Gallery

Social Alchemy presents a set of ceramic furniture made of hand-sculpted tiles imprinted by the layers of actions and convivial rituals within the specific space of the living room.

The furniture which usually compose this social space establish itself as an essential part of the domestic ritual and silently receives all sorts of energies. Intangible acts are getting dissolved into symbols shaping the objects, carrying the ghosts of our actions and intentions. 

Alchemical recipes of the experience of living and its poetic mutations, they draw a vocabulary expressing our interactions in these real domestic fictions.

This series follows c.a. walac. peculiar interest in reconstructing micro-events mentally formulated from details, experience and emotional responses.

This exhibition is the result of an opportunity supported by Cove Park and The Lighthouse and is the second year of delivery.

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