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Opulent Folk 27 May 2016 – 17 Jul
Review Gallery

Opulent Folk is an exhibition and collection of surface patterns and textile productions by artist and maker Rosie Shepley.

Rosie is fascinated by the heritage of craft and design being passed down through generations. Rosie was taught and encouraged to sew from a young age by her mother and grandmothers, and they learnt from their mothers and grandmothers. Discovering her own familys  collection of skilled needlework she became intrigued by this part of her own family heritage.

Inspired by traditional craft, design and folk art the exhibition showcases a new selection of textiles and products inspired by handmade embroidery and crochet. In the exhibition traditional needlework patterns are remade as digital prints, making them useable as everyday items whilst continuing the nostalgic aesthetic of traditional imagery and design.

Rosie Shepley Website

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