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Care 31 Jan 2019 – 24 Mar
Review Gallery

This new exhibition from Poppy Nash centres around “care curtains”, made from untold stories. They are an expression of love and an expression of grief. They are the everyday, the mundane but also used to block things out or as a way to shield something. Made to shed light on and celebrate the faithful.

The printed words are taken from voices from over 50 people of different ages and backgrounds. Through different textile techniques, type faces and sizes the different layers reveal how these people feel about their position living close to someone with a long term health condition or disability. Easily read we can see the relationship they have to one another but the closer we get we can see the glimmers of their more personal and sometimes secret feelings of sadness, guilt or pride.

There are many issues around care and disability which we are all surrounded by and which Poppy Nash seeks to learn about in both a personal and professional capacity. In the context of this project she chooses to reflect the emotions of caring rather than the politics of care - although acknowledging that they are inevitably intertwined.

Similarly there are numerous issues and complexities surrounding disability and long term health conditions. Who does a disability belong to? How do people wish to define themselves and their impairments? How much do they or should their health affect our families, friends and colleagues? These are questions that Poppy doesn't attempt to address in this work. Instead she simply tries to reflect how people feel about their own situations through the work - to keep the integrity of the responses and be respectful to those who shared their stories - being careful not to give too much private information, although the surveys were anonymous.

This project came to fruition after a period of research as part of The Lighthouse's first residency partnership with Cove Park. 

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