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Metropolis Image by Ian Stuart Campbell


Adventures in Space 07 Jul 2016 – 01 Oct
Gallery One

For over a century the progressive architects of the modern world have inspired the creators of science-fiction to speculate about the future. The vivid imagery and the imaginary cities of science-fiction have, in turn, sparked the imaginations of generations of architects.

From the earliest visionaries via the concepts of the Italian Futurists, Le Corbusier’s radiant city, the ‘pulp’ serials of the 1930s, streamlined transportation, the geodesic world of Buckminster Fuller, through the atomic age threat of Armageddon, to computer simulations of the future – join us on an Adventure in Space (and time) as we explore the history of architecture in science-fiction through books, films, TV and comics.

Science fiction films exert a powerful grip on the human imagination. This innovative exhibition, curated by Berlin based leading Scots designer, Jon Jardine and The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland will offer insights into the architecture of science fiction. It will compare the ideas of architectural visionaries with startling representations of buildings and cities from the birth of cinema to the present day.

Over 180 new works of art have been specially commisioned by Artists Ian Stuart Campbell, Douglas Prince, Ciana Pullen and Piotr Sell for the exhibition.

The Festival of Architecture 2016 is a year-long, Scotland-wide celebration of design, creativity and the built environment, led by The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland.

The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) was founded in 1916 and is the professional body for chartered architects in Scotland. Including student members, Honorary Fellows and retirees, the Incorporation has over 4,900 members. The RIAS promotes excellence in architecture in Scotland.

Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design is a Scottish Government initiative being led by VisitScotland. 2016 will shine a spotlight on Scotland’s achievements in innovation, architecture and design through a wide-ranging variety of new and existing activity.

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