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Visit / Exhibitions Archive 2008

Senses of Place brings together creative and innovative pupils, teachers, professionals and community members from 5 local authorities across Scotland, each exploring a theme related to the 'Curriculum for Excellence'.

This exhibition looks a the culture of takeaway food and the objects associated with eating on the move. From the tiffin box to the lunch box, army canteen to sports bottle, stacking cup to coffee machine cup, Take Away presents tableware, cutlery, packaging and furniture, that show how our modern eating habits can affect the design of objects and the environment we inhabit.

Take Away is an exhibition presented in association with the Museum of Design, Zurich. 

This exhibition explored two common themes in jmarchitects' work - living and learning. The Exhibtiion elaborates on these themes, that affect us all in our daily lives, by reflecting on how jmarchitects take these themes into the design process. The exhibition will demonstrate the evolution of design ideas, the manifestation and outcome of these ideas, using physical models and drawings.

Elaine Bremner is a textile designer whose work challenges the traditions of weaving and stretches the possibilities of digital inkjet printing. Elaine Bremner's textiles experiment with different structures, textures and combinations of yarn. These either exaggerate and intensify or diffuse and distort the digitally printed pattern or image to create unique and innovative results.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the 1939 Empire Exhibition held in Bellahouston Park. The Lighthouse, in partnership with Scottish Screen Archive will be presenting a selection of rare documentary and amateur films from the archive, which record the exhibition and its place in Glasgow's cultural history. The exhibition will form part of a larger citywide series of events to be held at The Glasgow Film Theatre. Scottish Screen Archive is part of the National Libraries of Scotland.

An exhibition created by Japanese designer Kenya Hara, Chief Executive of the Nippon Design Centre and Muji. The word haptic primarily relates to our senses of touch but can also include al sensory perception, transcending and fusing all the senses. Creative people from a variety of creative fields were asked to design objects that focus not on colour and form but on the senses of touch. The result is a beautiful and intelligent exhibition that features over 20 'haptic' designs, including original and vital products like hair lanterns, a soft dorknob, fruit juice packages made of replica fruit skin, and coasters like frog's eggs.

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