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At it’s heart MAKLab is about creating opportunities for anyone to develop and realise their ideas by making them real; real products, real designs.
You do not need to be an expert; you just have to have the idea. The team at MAKLab will show you how to use the technology to make what you want to make.

MAKLab is part of a global Fablab network, a concept started by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2005. Fablabs release people’s potential, empowering them through open access to make things for themselves. These can be made to suit local or personal needs in a way that would not be practical or economical for mass production.

FabLabs have spread around the world from America to Europe, the Far East, Africa and now Glasgow. In Norway people using their FabLab created a system for tracking animals on their mobile phones, in Ghana people made a truck refrigeration system that ran on the exhaust gases from the truck itself, in South Africa they are currently creating a simple internet connected computer that hooks up to televisions and costs just ten dollars and in Barcelona they made a house which went onto to win the Visitors Prize at the Architectural Exhibition.

Being in the MAKLab can connect you to others throughout Scotland and globally to over 90 Labs around the world, a collaborative virtual space to share ideas and solutions. Using the fablab conferencing tool, you can ask for tips, get advice and share your ideas with people using fablabs all over the world.

MAKLab can also be used by businesses and is a key part of how the Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design will be supporting creative businesses. Businesses can start and grow within MAKLab and hopefully grow beyond it. The open design ethos of MAKLab encourages business to share ideas and collaborate across sectors.


We would not have been able to develop the MAKLab without the support of Glasgow City Council, Creative Scotland, the Royal Society of Arts and Firstport Scotland.

The People

Bruce Newlands, Co-founder of the MAKLab, is a Director of Skirmishes Limited the body which will run the MAKLab. Bruce is an experienced architect; lecturer and researcher with his own Glasgow based practice. He has taught in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Northumbria. Bruce is also a fellow of (RSA) The Royal Society for the Arts ad Manufacturing.

Ian Elder, Co-founder of the MAKLab, manages the Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture. He has a commercial background and is keen to support design businesses through MAKLab, getting more people involved in innovation & design.

Richard Clifford is responsible for running the MAKLab on a day to day basis and increasing the number of working partners. He has worked in with prestigious architects in Glasgow and is regular visiting tutor at Strathclyde University and other creative organisations throughout Scotland. He has been involved in delivering innovative creative workshops.

Stuart Milne is a qualified and experienced architect & model maker who has worked for a number of prestigious practices. Until he joined MAKLab he ran his own successful modelmaking firm called Modelaser. Stuart’s range of practical experience and skills are a vital part of enabling the MAKLab to deliver support to businesses and individuals.


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