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Blog / Meet the Fashion Designers - part 2

Meet the Fashion Designers - part 2 02 Mar 2017

Ahead of Fashioned in Glasgow's Fashion Show we caught up with the designers involved to find out more about their brand and how they got started. Hear from ElectroRebel, Neon Ninja, Ryan Kirk and Yellow Bubble in this blog.


Who's behind the brand?

Keith Malloy is the creator of ElectroRebel: a new and bold online unisex brand that offers something you won’t find on the high street.

Starting in 2008, Keith studied Fashion Technology at Cardonald College graduating with an HND in 2011 and interning for another Glasgow based designer. He then lead a fashion based employability programme for three years in the east end of Glasgow as the lead tutor passing his knowledge and drive for fashion onto a new generation. Finally he decided to return to education to complete an Honours degree in Fashion Design and Manufacture at the Springburn campus of Kelvin College, graduating in 2016.

During his studies in Kelvin College, he was tutored by the founders of Fashioned In Glasgow. Being inspired by Alison and Aimee to take risks and acknowledge the quality of his work he has been working since graduating to create the ElectroRebel brand. He has been based in the Fashioned In Glasgow studio space since it opened.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

The Spring/Summer 2017 collection marks the launch of ElectroRebel. It takes heavy influence from classic silhouettes and reinvents them with new tailoring, daring colour palettes and vibrant prints. Keith has been inspired by vintage styles throughout his design career and this can be seen through this collection; 1950’s styling and mod inspired silhouettes feature strongly.

Where will we see the brand in five years time?

With the hopeful success of ElectroRebel, Keith plans to expand his brand. The biggest of these plans are to introduce separate menswear and womenswear ranges, and develop a formalwear line.

Neon Ninja

What is your brand?

Neon Ninja is an alternative streetwear label from Glasgow, catering to everyone and anyone that is ready to step out from the shadows and embrace our neon philosophy. Our aim is to take over the universe one wardrobe at a time by providing you with clothing that not only looks out of this world but is so versatile it can be worn for any occasion, even in space.

Who/what is your inspiration? 

All of our designs are inspired by the travelling, the nineties and Japanese street wear fashion with a rather large pinch of Sci- fi, childhood favourites and the truly bonkers thrown in for good measure.

Deep in our Imaginarium we’ve experimented by feeding glow sticks to rainbows and shocking radioactive ninja stars with lightning then dipping them in sherbet. The result is a melting pot of eccentric, eclectic and deliciously fun and unique garments that are sure to make you glow in the dark.

So whether you’re a street wear sensei or a neon newcomer just remember…Not All Ninjas Dress in Black!

How did you get started?

Founded in 2016 by Jen McDonald and Andy Orr, Neon Ninja was born out of endless conversations that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning, the genesis of which can be traced back to the hustle and bustle of South East Asia.

In 2010 we left Glasgow on what turned out to be the trip of a lifetime and travelled to Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong before finally adopting Sydney as our home away from home. Everything was so new to us be it the food, the sights or the culture. To an extent that's where our new approach to street wear and the craziness in our designs come from. We're trying to capture the very essence of our Asian Adventure.

The brand remained a pipe dream until Jen applied to study fashion at University. In 2015 she graduated from Manchester Metropolitan (Kelvin College Campus) with a first class honours degree and along with Andy immediately started working on Neon Ninja's first collection.

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

The Harajuku Collection is inspired by Japan. The Japanese influence originally came from a love of sushi and a longing to one day visit Tokyo.

The Haruki girls, who are renowned for their bright and daring sense of style could give the neon lights a showing up whilst Mount Fuji, one of Japan’s three holy mountains lies dormant, like a sleeping giant overlooking the city. Our yearning to visit was all the inspiration we needed for our collection.

Where do you see the brand in five years time?

Within the next five years we hope to cement a considerable presence in the UK streetwear scene.

Anything else you would like to add?

An independent designer, a carer to my brother and an environmentalist, once a week I run "Mens Sewing Club" a project offered to me by West of Scotland Regional Equality Council, I encourage men to sew- reconstructing their damaged or old garments. I also make Chai Teas for various community kitchens throughout Glasgow.

Ryan Kirk Designs

What is the brand & who's behind it?

Ryan launched his own fashion label, Ryan Kirk Designs™, back in December 2015 after graduating from Heriot Watt University with a BSc in Fashion Technology. Ryan started his studies on the HND Fashion Creative course at Fife College and successfully gained entry into the third year at Heriot Watt. After gaining great exposure through his degree collection that incorporated innovative textiles including 100% Banana Fibres and also creating his own textile from plastic waste, Ryan wanted to start his own label and bring his designs to you!

What is the inspiration behind the brand?

His new collection, “Midnight Jungle” brings together an unusual mix of prints and textiles. The inspiration behind the collection came from a diluted jungle aesthetic with the darker side of the jungle in mind. Hints of neon jungle imagery inspired the signature Ryan Kirk 2-Tone Metallic fabrics, along with hints of metal rivets within the collection. Minimalistic reptile and leaf patterns are also seen throughout the collection, and dark olive greens, burgundy’s and blacks inspire the “Midnight” colour palette. Sporty hybrid approaches are also given to pieces to add a little edge to the collection with high necks and ribbed cuffs.

Where do you see the brand in five years time?

Over the next 5 years, Ryan hopes that his label will continue to grow and become a reputable Scottish brand. Each piece is handmade by Ryan himself – fabrics sourced, patterns drafted, fabrics cut and then manufactured. The amount of craftsmanship and work that Ryan puts into his pieces is impeccable, and he hopes that the label can become his main line of work within the near future.

Yellow Bubble

What is the brand?

Yellow Bubble is a luxury knitwear brand based in Edinburgh with a strong focus on street-wear silhouettes and contemporary design by Gray’s School of Art graduate Jenny McCraw.

How did it get started?

The brand was started in 2015 after Jenny graduated and saw a gap in the market for sustainable, handmade knitwear which was modern and innovative, moving away from traditional heritage influences.

The first full collection from Yellow Bubble was released in 2016 which was sold in stores and pop up shops as well as online. Jenny also won the Herald Fashion Award for Online Fashion Graduate of the Year 2016.

What is the inspiration behind the products?

The designs produced are inspired by bright colours, fluffy textures and are all made from organic cotton which is hand dyed and printed in the studio. The collection is primarily a response to the current feeling of a lack of control about decisions made in today’s world.

By Independence, by disposable fashion, by Brexit, by Trump and by prejudice and hate.

The garments themselves however are inspired by past generation’s positive response to uncertain times. 

By 60’s hippie movement, by ‘peace is cheaper’, by 90’s rave culture, youth in revolt, slow fashion.

Where do you see the brand in five years time?

In 5 years I hope to see the brand grow, to develop its creative voice and to keep sustainably producing exciting and challenging work. I would like to keep production in Scotland and have facilities that grow alongside the brand, creating opportunities for graduates to work in a cross-disciplinary environment and keep important design and manufacture skills in Scotland.

Fashioned in Glasgow: Fashion Show

The show will enable an exciting mix of emerging fashion brands and independent designers to show their collections and gain greater awareness in an incredibly vibrant industry.

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