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Time Constructs 08 Jun 2018 – 24 Jun
Alcove - Level 2

A collaboration between two visual artists - Glasgow based Ally Wallace and Lincolnshire based David Carruthers - resulting in a collection of short animated films about architecture and the built environment. 

In his wider practice, Ally Wallace uses drawing, painting, installation, video and animation - to make work based on buildings and their function.  For this project he has animated the ink drawings that he has made on site, looking at the architecture of City College and the University of Strathclyde - in and around the Rottenrow and Townhead areas of Glasgow, considering the relationship between these education buildings and their associated public art, from the 1960s to the present day.

David Carruthers works with sculpture, photography and animation to explore visual language and meaning in vernacular structures. His animated films at Lighthouse have been developed on the theme of shelter and its deep relationship to our exterior landscape and inner self -  using time as a key element to magnify structure, materials and context.  His vernacular imagery generates a new landscape of structure and location - linear signals echo the way we encounter buildings and how their presence can have unpredictable effects.

For this exhibition at The Lighthouse, the artists have combined their films on a single, endless loop - creating an interesting dynamic between their diverse range of subjects and contrasting animation styles.

Join us from 5pm-7pm on Friday 8th June for the Preview of this exhibition. No booking required.

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