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Tests of Change and Space Pioneers 16 Aug 2019 – 06 Jan
Level 4

Tests of Change helps Scottish schools make the most of their existing spaces. Initiated by Architecture and Design Scotland, and supported by The Scottish Government, this programme uses ‘space hacks’ to quickly allow pupils and teachers explore possibilities for their schools.

This exhibition showcases work from four schools. It highlights that by using high impact/low cost interventions any school can improve their learning and teaching environment.

Pressures of procurement models, annual budgets and the development of new approaches to meeting learners needs, presents an extremely challenging task for school leadership. Gathering learning and lessons from our work, we hope to help schools throughout Scotland to enhance learning environments for present and future generations.

"Space Pioneers" is the second phase of our work with Our Lady of the Missions School in East Renfrewshire. A group of pupils from the school - Space Pioneers - worked with Alice Jacobs, lead designer of Flux CNC Studio, to develop and build furniture for their school. Samples of the furniture will be part of the exhibition.


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