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One. 22 Jul 2016 – 25 Sep
Review Gallery

Showcasing the work of four Scottish jewellers and silversmiths, "One.", is the debut exhibition from Glasgow-based design group, The Garnet Collective. Featuring the work of Nicholas Faill, Adam Henderson, Jennifer MacKinlay and Hannah Grace Ryan. "One.", aims to bridge the gap between art and design through contemporary art jewellery and sculptural silversmithing.

Informed by her research into historical figures and the stories surrounding them, Ryan produces modern relics by combining silver granulation with precious stones, while MacKinlay takes inspiration from natural objects such as fur, stone and leather to create a series of elaborate wearable landscapes. Faill, influenced by his love of live music and architecture, incorporates modern technologies with conventional silversmithing skills to construct bold geometric vessels. Similarly inspired by a passion for learning new techniques and experimenting with different processes, Henderson is drawn to instilling hidden details and meaning within his jewellery.

Established in 2015, The Garnet Collective is a community of young, independent designers brought together by their unique aesthetics and use of experimental techniques. The collective seeks to create opportunities for Scottish creatives to showcase their designs, collaborate on projects and work together to co-curate exhibitions.

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