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My Place Awards and My Place Photography Competition 2018 20 Mar 2018 – 15 Apr
Level 5

The Scottish Civic Trust is the national body for the civic movement in Scotland. Scotland’s buildings and places are important to us. We work with people, communities and groups to understand, care for, and improve the local built environment for the wellbeing of all. Our mission is to help create places that are attractive, stimulating and enjoyable.

The My Place Awards, supported by the Scottish Government, celebrate buildings, landscape, public realm and civic projects that have had a positive impact in local neighbourhoods, and have delivered tangible benefits for their communities.

The My Place Photography Competition, supported by Historic Environment Scotland, is a built environment photographic project for school-aged young people throughout Scotland. It allows them to express their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on the heritage, buildings and archaeology around them.

Lighthouse Image by R McFarlane

Wildlife Image by Amy Lieberman


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