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Justified 07 Sep 2018 – 28 Oct
Review Gallery

An exhibition showcasing the limitless potential of the single, unifying module Iteration 21, or as it is more commonly known, Floppywood, Justified demonstrates the power of modern technology in granting individuals agency over materials in the landscape.

From the outset it was the aim of artists Cody Lukas and Sam Cornwell and architect Qingqing Zhang to better understand the potential of digital fabrication as they investigated the ways in which one can manipulate the structural properties of wood with the use of laser cutting and CNC-milling. To this end, they utilised the practice of live hinging, where the geometry of a material is manipulated to allow for increased flexibility, in order to design Floppywood; which despite its modest form, has the capability of transforming into any number of complex 3-dimensional structures. Floppywood is a testament to the immense capabilities of digital fabrication methods, as carried out by simple equipment such as laser cutters, in granting individuals’ total agency over their environment; however, calls into question the justifications and impacts of such practice in modern DIY culture.

Along with the ability to manipulate the given properties of elements within the landscape, comes the shared responsibility of its survival, reflecting upon our own everyday actions, as it no longer becomes possible to pass judgment and point blame upon large corporations or political leaders for their role in contributing to the issue of climate change.

The series of works on display, highlight the many unique properties and abilities of Floppywood, creating a narrative of mastery or dominance over material and environment, whilst serving as a critical reflection of the process undertaken in its creation. Justified demonstrates the power of modern technology utilising digital fabrication methods and processes learned during our study at edinburgh university, whilst questioning the validations behind said practice.

Justified will also be hosting workshops, find out when here.

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