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International Poster Exhibition 21 Oct 2017 – 23 Dec
Gallery One

Posters offer a universal platform for communication and have been utilised for centuries to provoke, promote, celebrate, and stimulate.

They act as a simple vehicle for communication and have provided a powerful framework for political agendas, War propaganda and the dissemination of public information, alongside being used as tools to sell commercial goods and services. However, outwith their functional existence, they provide a canvas for millions of designers around the world.

This exhibition, part of Graphic Design Festival Scotland's 2017 symposium is a showcase of exceptional contemporary poster design from around the world; a curated selection of entries to GDFS 2017 International Poster Competition which received 6095 entries from 81 countries and judged by Warriors Studio, Jamie McIntyre, Koos Breen and Jaemin Lee.

Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS) is now in its fourth year and returns to The Lighthouse this October with a week-long programme of workshops, talks, panel discussions, competitions, music and public artwork, find out more here.


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