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Sonica: Furniture Music from Cryptic on Vimeo.


Furniture Music 05 Oct 2019 – 06 Jan
Gallery One

Cryptic presents Sonica 2019

The London-based Japanese sound artist and composer Yuri Suzuki draws on the musique concrète of such composers as Brian Eno and Erik Satie, seeking to turn noises that we consider disruptive or distracting into more pleasurable sound.

A series of charming lo-fi devices suggest ways to improve the sound of domestic life: an acoustic chamber table, resembling three conjoined guitars, amplifies ambient noise to make conversation easier; a music box replaces the harsh buzz of a mobile phone ringtone; and some of the most disruptively noisy domestic devices, washing machines, become instruments playing an atonal yet compelling music.

In the installation Sound of the Waves, meanwhile, rainsticks revolve at rates determined by tidal data, filling an otherwise empty room with the evocative sound of the sea.

First shown at Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University, 2018

Curator: Stella Bottai

Drawing: Philippe Dupuy

Video Team: Alice Masters and Stuart Heaney

Image: Corey Bartle-Sandersonn

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