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Design Displacement Group Exhibition 22 Oct 2016 – 25 Nov
Gallery One

The Design Displacement Group (DDG) claims an imaginative territory that spans time, place, discipline, culture, gender and nationality. The group consists of sixteen members collaborating in shifting constellations across a range of projects that take form (in real time) through commissioned client projects, self-initiated works and open-form workshops. DDG practices a working method that should be read as collective and post-signature; a mechanism to reflect, refract and speculate upon alternative frameworks for ‘productive’ engagement and exchange.

At Graphic Design Festival Scotland (GDFS), Design Displacement Group will re-appropriate the narrative format of the opera. The four grand themes of this opera (and any other tragedy) being love, jealousy, ambition and revenge – which form the basis of our story exploring the theatrics and performative requirements of a design practice. These narratives will unfold through an immersive audio-visual presentation depicting scenes rich with intrigue, gossip and speculation.

Graphic Design Festival at The Lighthouse

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