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CREATIVE HEROES 12 May 2017 – 02 Jul
Level 5

With over 100 agencies large and small, as well as a vibrant community of freelance designers, Scotland has a thriving scene that covers the entire spectrum from web design to commercial art.

“Creative Heroes” takes a look at the colourful history of Scotland’s design scene, documenting around 100 years of design and advertising in, from and for Scotland.

The exhibition explores the work of early pioneers at the turn of the century, focusing on the close ties with the printing industry, through to the present day work of internationally recognised Scottish studios. Starting with the pioneers and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the exhibition offers a visual history covering the 20th century up until the present day. A walk through the exhibition will make this long history visible. The exhibition presents selected works on large-format graphic banners. It also recalls names like Rex Stewart, Forth Studios and Hall Advertising which have had a lasting impact on the Scottish design scene.

This exhibition and related event is part of the Master’s Project of Ann-Kathrin Schotten, a Communication Design student at the Glasgow School of Art. 

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