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Visit / Exhibitions / Charlotte Linton - Ermantrude’s Travels in Scotland


Charlotte Linton - Ermantrude’s Travels in Scotland 12 Jul – 01 Sep
Review Gallery

Created by textile designer Charlotte Linton, Ermantrude is a fictional zoologist travelling across continents, through decades of time. In 2012 Ermantrude travelled the West Coast of Scotland and the resulting designs in print, translated into scarves and Haori jackets can be seen in this exhibition. Ermantrude, with her sharp sense of style and even sharper intellect introduces us to Paisley pattern, puffins, Eriskay ponies, boat-building, the Lewis chessmen and the Gaelic language.

Charlotte Linton studied fashion and textiles at Central St. Martins and the Royal College of Art. She has developed her own eponymous label while producing prints and collections for large designer brands. Her work has developed around a consideration of the aesthetic and material potential of print, as well as how such a medium can function as a carrier of content related to the roots of craft in geographically specific traditions.

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