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Chalk Talk 03 Sep 2015 – 23 Oct
Noticed Board - Level 2

Chalk Talk is a machine for evoking, gathering and recording stories about the built environment.

As part of this year’s Merchant City Festival, and as a precursor to Scotland’s year of Innovation, Architecture and Design in 2016, Strathclyde Masters’ students Neal Hemingway and Andrea Hickey have designed, constructed and delivered an architectural pavilion serving as both an exhibition space and public intervention.

During the Merchant City Festival the pavilion exhibited work centred around three main themes: The Past, Present and Future, each looking into the Merchant City’s and Scotland’s ever changing built environment. Over the course of the festival the public were encouraged to engage directly with the pavilion’s exterior, drawing on its content for their inspiration and to reflect on and project their own ideas about architecture and design.

Through this small-scale intervention ChalkTalk allowed opportunities to create a collaborative design, build and delivery process. The end product provided a platform through which the architectural community could directly engage with the wider city and allowed participants to reimagine the city around them through the media of chalk.

The exhibition will cover the overall process of ChalkTalk, from initial conceptual design to completion, illustrating the construction phase and showcasing the successful public participation with architecture and design during the Merchant City Festival.


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