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Sonica: Aquaphoneia from Cryptic on Vimeo.


Aquaphoneia 31 Oct 2019 – 06 Jan
Gallery One

Cryptic presents Sonica 2019

Examining and deconstructing sound technology and the transmission of information, Navid Navab’s Aquaphoneia is something like a record player reverse-engineered by a people who can speak underwater. Visitors can speak into a large horn and hear their words ‘transcribed’ by a series of obscure glass instruments into a burbling, underwater tongue.

These sounds are then fed through other strange machines: kinetic instruments activated by the drip of liquids, aquasonic devices that seem on the verge of replying in a human language construed entirely from water. In another part of the work, voices can be made out in the crackling of an unfading globe of fire, like some promethean folly. Linguistics meets alchemy in this fantastical deconstruction of the ways we communicate.

Art direction, sound/installation concept and design, audiovisual composition, programming & behaviour design: Navid Navab

Art direction, visual/installation concept, design & fabrication: Michael Montanaro

Electronics, sound & programming: Peter Van Haaften

Consulting assistants: Nima Navab (embedded lighting design) & Joseph Thibodeau (electronics)

Research collaboration: Topological Media Lab

Supported by: The Ministry of Culture in Québec, Québec Government Office, London & The Lighthouse

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