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Visit / Exhibitions Archive 2019

Craft Design House presents a bespoke collection of original pieces by designer makers, celebrating Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s 150th anniversary.

A touring exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London showcasing the work of the twelve finalists of the inaugural Woman's Hour Craft Prize. 

A rare opportunity to see some highlights from the textile industry archive collections held by the University of Glasgow

A short video curated by Clubhouse Paradiso featuring new pieces by Fashion Foundry Emerging Designers Nadia-Studio, Rosella May and Hayley Mcsporran.

Architecture Fringe takes over The Lighthouse with a series of exhibitions and installations exploring the theme of 'In Real Life'. 

In Progress explores the activity of the Architecture Fringe from its start in 2016 to the present day. Part of the Architecture Fringe 2019.

Raising the Roof are a small group of Scottish based creatives facing the real-life prospect of current Care Home culture. Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

An exhibition exploring refuge and the everyday boundaries we build to keep an overwhelming world at bay. Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

An exploration re-imagining our everyday coexsistance with electrical fixtures as architecture. Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

This reflective exhibition considers the notions of comfort and complacency in architecture – and what we can do about it. Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

The Lighthouse celebrates its 20th Birthday with an exhibition of archive material. 

Social Alchemy presents a set of ceramic furniture made of hand-sculpted tiles imprinted by the layers of actions and convivial rituals within the specific space of the living room.

Exhibition bringing together a collection of handmade book structures and forms, demonstrating the diversity and innovation present in contemporary bookbinding.

Rare works from the late 70s and mid 80s by three photographers providing a unique insight into Scotland’s Gaelic communities.

This exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the Scottish Glass Society, an organisation dedicated to the appreciation, understanding and development of glassmaking in Scotland

An exhibition exploring what the future of democracy could look like with technology at its heart.

The annual Best Use of Timber Awards exhibition, curated by Architecture and Design Scotland. 

The Scottish Civic Trust My Place Exhibition invites you to celebrate the built environment, place and architecture through its annual projects that encourage involvement from Scotland’s communities.

Temple of Light is an immersive event featuring large scale laser art and scientific demonstrations to help people explore the unique properties of laser light.

/Other is a research and design project by GSA People of Colour Collective. Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

Exhibition of ideas from four emerging practices, exploring adaptive repurposing of imagined existing buildings. Part of the Architecture Fringe 2019.

Queer Space is a research and design project which invites queer club producers based in Glasgow to imagine their ideal nightclub. Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

Exhibition highlighting women that worked within the differing built environment disciplines during mid-20th Century. Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

Good evening. Would you care for something to talk about? Oh, that would be wonderful! Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

An exhibition of drawings by migrants to Scottish Architecture Schools. Part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

An installation by fragrance designer Clara Weale inspired by The Lighthouse in its 20th anniversary year. 

Tests of Change helps Scottish schools make the most of their existing spaces using ‘space hacks’ to quickly allow pupils and teachers explore possibilities for their schools.

Yuri Suzuki draws on the musique concrète of such composers as Brian Eno and Erik Satie, seeking to turn noises that we consider disruptive or distracting into more pleasurable sound.

An exhibition showcasing work by Bruce Hamilton Furniture Maker, these new pieces bring some of Mackintosh’s rarer designs to life

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