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Press / Glaswegians invited to capture the city in unique experiment

Glaswegians invited to capture the city in unique experiment 26 Feb 2018

One of the UK’s multi-award winning photographers is calling on the people of Glasgow to join him on a unique social experiment to capture the streets and spirit of Glasgow over the course of 24 hours.

Mark Waugh is inviting amateur photographers and smartphone snappers citywide to grab their cameras on Saturday, 7th April to capture what Glasgow looks like in 2018.

Called A Day In The Life, the social experiment will bring together thousands of images of the people and unique places that make Glasgow tick - from buskers to office workers, students, sports fans, skateboarders, OAPs, tourists and more. Throughout the day viewers can watch the activity unfold, as the snaps are uploaded to Instagram @cartridge_save. Afterwards, the images will be printed out and transformed into a piece of art by a renowned artist, to provide a permanent testimony of this day in history.

Mark, whose work has been recognised at the prestigious Press Photographer of the Year awards and has appeared in The Guardian, The Times and The Daily Mirror, says: “I love Glasgow, it’s one of the most vibrant and friendliest cities in the UK. There is so much to capture from the stunning architecture to the legendary nightlife and beautiful surrounding landscapes.

“Taking my camera to the streets and capturing the world pass by is one of the best ways to capture a city’s personality. There is no other type of photography like it, as the snapshots of real life can’t be reproduced!

“People of all ages can get involved, from tech savvy kids with smartphones to amateurs with the most professional kit. Each of their pictures will have its own story to tell, and all will be commemorated into a unique piece of art. This is something really special to be a part of.”

Inspired by the blog Humans Of New York, which has 7.7 million Instagram followers and 18 million Facebook followers, this definitive snapshot of Glasgow is the idea of UK-wide company

Ian Cowley, managing director of, says: “We’re so busy trying to get from A to B or transfixed on our screens that we rarely take a moment to look up and take in the world around us.

“We miss the exciting things happening right in front of our eyes, and that’s exactly what A Day In The Life intends to capture. It will capture for ever a snapshot of life in Glasgow, so we can immortalise the people, the places and the memories in art.”

To get involved, go to:

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