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Typology Talks Evening
Architecture Fringe
Orange Box Gallery
19 June
6.30 - 9.00pm

At any given point in time, redundancy is present within our built environment. As our lifestyles, technologies, cultural values and systems of belief restlessly develop and change so too must our urban fabric.

Set against the growing spectre of climate change we must consider carefully the repeated pattern of demolition and rebuild. Instead, adaptive reuse should be our default choice in moving forward.

For the Architecture Fringe 2017, we imagined how our shared civic infrastructure would exist in the future, if at all, via a series of commissions for the New Typologies exhibition. The Architecture Fringe 2018 continued our examination of building types, this time as hybrids, through a research and design project entitled Frankentypes which investigated issues of accessibility and sharing at a personal and local level.

For this year’s core programme ReTypes is a research and design project which invites participants to consider the adaptive repurposing of imagined existing buildings in order to explore intersectional identities and new architectural expression.

A one-off evening of short talks, featuring those commissioned for this year's ReTypes and guests from last year's Frankentypes show.

With contributions from... Ann Nisbet Studio, Moxon, Studio Niro, You+Pea, Denizen Works, iheartblob, Loader Monteith, Missing in Architecture and Studio Mutt.

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Part of the Architecture Fringe 2019. View the full programme here.

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