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Reimagined Structures Closing Event Gallery Two
21 September 2018

Join the Reimagined Structures team to celebrate the end of our project. We will be sharing party food from the different cultures that have made up the group (as well as having a few drinks!). Come up to Gallery 2A at The Lighthouse to see what we've created and continue the conversations we've been sharing. 

Reimagined Structures brought together a diverse group of people over a 6-month period to produce their own recycled plastic building materials and experiment with how this can be used in the construction of temporary structures. Working between The Lighthouse and Kinning Park Complex, the project aimed to create comfortable spaces where people can share their ideas and opinions. Through creative activity, project facilitator Elena Mary Harris has facilitated in-depth conversations around the issue of sustainability in our building sector, and encourage group members to consider how the construction of shelters can be reimagined. Discussions on the subject of sustainability are so often limited to such a small demographis of our community. By utilising a model of art as advocacy, Reimagined Structures seeks to diversify the voices that construct these conversations around sustainability and social change.

This project was facilitated by Elena Mary Harris. The Reimagined Structures group would like to thank The Lighthouse and Kinning Park Complex for the ongoing support.

Drop in event. Free. No booking required. 

Image by Tino Fara. 

Design by Tangent Graphic