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TEDx University of Strathclyde
Orange Box Gallery
17 February 2018
10.00am - 5.00pm

TEDx University of Strathclyde society is delighted to welcome you to its annual conference where you will have the chance to enjoy a series of informative talks and meet with successful people who will enrich your knowledge in various fields of study. The theme of the conference - INSIDE OUT, stands for walking inside out people's experiences and innovative ideas and encompasses the broad concept of observing internal ideas, emerging innovations and fascinating arguments followed by analysing their relation to the external environment.

7 speakers will discuss 7 different issues and trends:

·         Rossie Stone – Education Through Entertainment

Rossie (The Founder of Dekko Comics) is changing the way we learn, one step at a time. He has set out on a journey to incorporate comics containing educational information into our learning process. This idea of “education through entertainment” has proven successful for him, and pupils across Scotland and England, and he can't wait to share it further with the world.

·         Ruben De Noronha – Turning Convention on its Head

Ruben De Noronha is a 17-year-old businessman, starting his business at the mere age of 12, to now expanding to a team of over 30 people across four businesses. Ruben's most recent venture is starting a new enterprise with Tim Campbell MBE, first winner of The Apprentice. During the conference, Ruben will be sharing this journey of his to become one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.

·         Hilmi Dzhambazov – Public Participation in Architecture

Hilmi is currently finishing his studies in BSc (Hons) at Strathclyde, and working part-time in HTA Design, Edinburgh. The focus of his talk is participatory architecture and how architects can engage, and through which different stages, the public in design. He believes this flexibility and collaboration would benefit the quality of living greatly.

·         Ann Davidson – Looking In to Look Out

Ann is responsible for SIE’s training activities and delivering a coordinated programme of activities to support students interested in entrepreneurship. The focus of Ann's talk and one of her favourite passions is Yoga. She qualified in this ground as a teacher in 2015 and she will be sharing with us how yoga helps her connect with the outside world, connecting the internal self with that to the external technological developments.

·         Ross Brisco – Collaborative Design

Ross Brisco is an award-winning product design engineering graduate of the University of Strathclyde. He contributes to several Glasgow based design communities including Design Talks and Analogue Social. His presentation will be on design collaboration, how technology has developed to support collaboration and a discussion on the future of the technologies.

·         Viktor Dörfler – Artificial Intelligence and The Human Intuition

Viktor is a Senior Lecturer in Information & Knowledge Management and also holds a Visiting Professor position at the Business School of Zagreb University. He gained masters degrees in Mathematical Engineering, International Business Relations, Engineering Education and an MBA from Hungarian universities and holds a PhD from Strathclyde University. In his speech, Dr Dörfler will explore why artificial intelligence will never match up to human intuition based on his vast experience of learning from the nobel laureates and creating AI.

·         Catriona Patterson -  Why culture is the key to climate change

Catriona is Green Arts Project Manager at Creative Carbon Scotland, Environmental Officer for Festivals Edinburgh, and board member for 2050 Climate Group. Catriona volunteers for the 2050 Climate Group which aims to educate, engage and empower young people to tackle climate change. She has been part of a history club, book group, art club, and environmental club and she will be taking forward these passions to present how art can help raise awareness about climate issues.

The event will include not only delicious FOOD and DRINKS but also GOODY BAGS!

You can find out about the event on their website –, or by following them on Facebook -

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