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Create / Events & Workshops / Alexander Thomson Society Talks: Palladio

Alexander Thomson Society Talks: Palladio
Gary Paul
Conference Suite
7 April
7.00 - 9.00pm

American architect and Renaissance architecture expert Gary Paul will discuss the work of Andrea Palladio, whilst also referring to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Alexander Thomson.

Andrea Palladio’s work has been valued as the quintessence of High Renaissance calm and harmony. His reputation is based on his skill as a designer of villas, located in what was the Venetian Republic in northeastern Italy. Palladio’s teachings, summarised in the architectural treatise, The Four Books of Architecture, gained him recognition around the world. 

Gary Paul is a graduate of the schools of Architecture at the Boston Architectural Center (BArch) and Harvard Graduate School of Design (MArch). He has maintained a design practice in New York City for 30 years, working on homes, apartments and small commercial projects.

A lifelong love of the work of Renaissance Architect Andrea Palladio has taken Gary on countless research trips across the north of Italy to study Palladio’s many villas and public buildings. Gary has sought out the work of Palladio’s late Renaissance predecessors, such as Giulio Romano, Alberti, and Scamozzi, as well as the frescoed interiors by artists such as Veronese and Tiepolo, (father and son), in many of these buildings. He has also researched the political, cultural and religious forces which shaped the Veneto in the 16C giving greater context to this rich period of artistic endeavour.

Book now for Gary Paul's talk on 7th April:

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