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Blog / (Y)our City, (Y)our Broomielaw

(Y)our City, (Y)our Broomielaw 01 Mar 2019
by Ian Elder

We are now 21 days into the consultation period for the (Y)our Broomielaw District Regeneration Framework and the level of response has been really encouraging. It is important to get as much feedback as possible on the action plan and what the priorities should be so that this is translated into how the plan is implemented.

Over 5,000 people, stakeholders, businesses, community groups contributed to all the evidence that was collected as the District Regeneration Frameworks were being developed. It would be fantastic to continue to have this level of interest.

The (Y)our Broomielaw Framework has identified seven key themes:

(Y)our River Park,

(Y)our Urbanised M8, (Y)our Great Streets and Spaces,

(Y)our Updated Mobility,

(Y)our Great Buildings,

(Y)our Vibrant Broomielaw,

Transforming (Y)our Broomielaw.

For more details click here.

These themes are split into small, medium and large projects and activities. If the plan is approved then those suggestions that change perceptions and create opportunities can start quickly, with the bigger capital projects and feasibility studies to follow.

The timeframe for delivery is 10 years so the aim is to generate a sustainable, deliverable, consistent level of activity which will transform (Y)our Broomielaw. Please take the time to get involved here.

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