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Blog / This Will Ruin Everything - 10 Years of Recoat

This Will Ruin Everything - 10 Years of Recoat 31 May 2017

We talked to Recoat founders Amy Whiten and Alistair Wyllie about their upcoming anniversary celebrations, including an exhibition here at The Lighthouse and plans to release a book.

For those who don't know, can you tell us a bit about Recoat?

In short Recoat is a Scottish, grass-roots organisation that specialises in contemporary urban art. We curate exhibitions and mural projects, undertake commercial design commissions and create community art education programmes in Scotland and abroad.

We began as a small gallery in the West End of Glasgow and there we built a community around the space who came to monthly shows of work from all over the world. It was an exciting time, but also a relentless one, with more than 50 shows in that space alone. We’re proud of what we created there, and it laid the foundations for what Recoat is now. After 6 years we decided to close Recoat Gallery to allow us to evolve and take on more varied projects.

Can you tell us about some of your projects?

As well as exhibitions, we've curated European tours, numerous education programmes and 8 large-scale mural projects. We act as consultants on high-profile projects with clients including NVA, the BBC, Amnesty International and the National Theatre of Scotland. We've also built up a global network of practitioners, partners and clients. Together we create socially engaged and vibrant projects that promote art in Scotland on a global stage.

Your exhibition and book are called "This Will Ruin Everything", what's the story behind the title?

“This Will Ruin Everything” was a comment directed at us by a passer-by while we were painting a mural. Initially this over-reaction made us laugh but it has inspired challenging discussions that focus on our practice in relation to the function of art, the ownership and value of public spaces, and the disparity of power and control over what we see in our built environment.

It therefore feels fitting that this cursory comment has become the inspiration and title for our biggest project to date: our book and our 10th anniversary exhibition.

Tell us more about the book, it sounds like a fantastic project.

The book forms part of our 10th anniversary celebrations. It's an exciting project that will include over 40 exhibitions and projects, showcasing a mix of Scottish and International artists. It's created by Design By Zag and will be a hard-back, 192 page book packed full of beautiful photos of murals, design and art. We're currently crowdfunding the project through kickstarter (you can find out more here).

You can find out more about the upcoming "This Will Ruin Everything" exhibition here

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