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Blog / SAMPLE: A Trend Experience

SAMPLE: A Trend Experience 08 May 2017

Open any fashion magazine and you will find features on current ‘trends’.  These trends are usually quite simplified by the time they get to the high street but further back in the chain, trends are an important part of how the fashion and textile industry works and there are in fact whole businesses dedicated to the identification and prediction of future trends.  These trend forecasters mine current events, technological advances, cultural changes and social movements for information in order to predict what the next trends might be.  Designers will often use these forecasts in order to inspire their own work.

As part of the exhibition SAMPLE by Collect, the curators undertook this same trend prediction process in order to identify five trends, titled Remembered Dreams, Emotional Landscape, Earthly Paradise, Cut and Paste and Chiaroscuro.  These trends were given to the designers featured in the exhibition in order to form a starting point for their work.  Trends are generally there to inspire, not to dictate, so there are a huge variety of different interpretations visible in the designs produced for SAMPLE.

As this was such a critical part of the exhibition, and in order to share this process with a wider audience, Collect are holding an event which will allow visitors to see the research and inspiration behind the five trends.  Much of what will be shown is visual as this is a vital area for a discipline such as textile design.  But the event also aims to recognise and impart other forms of inspiration.  Alongside the visuals, the designers taking part in SAMPLE were given evocative writing to describe each trend, and this will be read at the event as if it were poetry or performance.  Movement will also be used by the performers to convey the themes and there will be specially curated music throughout.  Additionally, five scents have been developed to capture the essence of each trend and there are also five tastes to be explored. 

This trend experience will be completely immersive and multi-sensory, aiming to convey mood and emotion as well as visual information.  Inspiration is crucial to any creative practice and, together with the final work exhibited in SAMPLE, the trend experience will give an insight into the creative journey behind the exhibition.

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