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Meet the Fashion Designers - part 1 02 Mar 2017

Ahead of Fashioned in Glasgow's Fashion Show we caught up with the designers involved to find out more about their brand and how they got started. Hear from Cloh, Fictional Character, Fiona Kennedy, Incode and Rosamund of Scotland in this blog.


What is your brand?

My brand is, Cloh, which aims to move our consumer and throwaway society into a new direction by following ethical production standards, and keeping its team small-scale, to maintain quality control. It intends to be honest and transparent to its customers, sharing all stages of the creation of the garment. Currently, the core product of the brand is its shirts which are simple and minimal with a relaxed silhouette. Therefore the customer can buy its product with confidence and reassurance.

Where did you study?

I studied at Edinburgh College of Art and graduated with a BA in Fashion.

How did you start up?

After graduating, I got a place at the Incubator facility offered at Glasgow Clyde College, where I first studied Fashion HND. It offered various workshops in the business side of things. And now I have studio space at FIG (Fashioned in Glasgow).

Who/what was the inspiration for your collection?

I aim to promote a low carbon lifestyle, combining high-quality fabrics with waste and recycled materials, making sustainability shine through.

The idea was developed on my recent trip to visit my Grandfather in Pakistan, during the last stages of his cancer. I came across the Chai-wallahs (tea sellers) selling tea on the streets, wearing loose second-hand shirts. I enjoy quirky creative cutting techniques, which I explored and recreated through my vision.

Complimentary Chai Gift Set boxes are also sold alongside our range, under the name of Glasgow Chai Co. Specialising in herbal teas, using raw and natural ingredients, the two ideas are linked together, giving the customer a complete experience of the brand and its inspiration.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

I see Cloh as an established and successful business in 5 years time having secured more clients and buyers.

Fictional Character

What is your brand?

Fictional Character is a streetwear brand creating interesting clothing for women. Encouraging them to step outside of the box and rewrite their style whenever they choose. Connecting my interests and creating trendy clothing with aspects of geekiness and girl power.

How did you start up?

I started up by forcing my friends to dress up in weird costumes to advertise my cosplay company in order to fund the start up of my fashion label.

Who/what was the inspiration for your collection?

This collection was inspired by illustrators Laura Callaghan and Saccstry, my love of shiny things and a slightly alcoholic diving instructor.  It is a girly collection with a twist featuring lots of pastel colours, metallics, furs and drunken mermaid prints.


Who are you?

Hi! I'm Fiona Kennedy, my brand name is 'KENNEDY'.  Having since graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in June last year it was also my intention to embark on my own route in the fashion industry as a designer and run my own brand - Fashioned In Glasgow has given me this opportunity with the mentoring and space which they offer.

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

I wanted my brand to reflect me personally and so this is seen in the name and also aesthetics of the garments with the 60s/ 70s silhouettes and embroidery, therefore the focus on womenswear. My intention is to create high quality, distinct garments which give confidence whenever a girl wears them. The current collection is inspired by the oriental and tapestry - therefore this is reflected in print and some fabric choices as well as shapes. 'Acanthus Orient' the debut collection mixes chiffon and upholstery in a feminine manner.

Where do you see your brand in five years time?

In 5 years I'm hoping that my brand has set itself strongly in the marketplace and that I'll be able to branch out internationally to independent stores in places such as Paris and Milan.

My hopes are by this point that I could potentially be selling accessories along with the brand such as shoes and jewellery through collaborations with other makers.

My current plans for "Kennedy" are to launch the brand website post show and begin to sell online and then venture into independent retailers across the UK, focusing mainly in Scotland for the moment. 


Who are you?

I am Kate, an emerging designer. I gradually evolved from just a girl who passionately loved clothes and a "personal shopper" best female friend into a fashion blogger and a journalist. Then after 2 years into this exciting job, I finally realised design development was the one.

I am self-taught. Thankfully these days YouTube is an open university and everyone can learn absolutely anything, from sketching to sewing. I also take short online courses whenever it is possible.

What is your brand?

INCODE your individual dress code.

I started INCODE about a year ago, having in mind a strong and vibrant woman who values comfort, but at the same time wants to feel feminine and beautiful without a need to compromise. I blend casual comfort and feminine features creating unique garments that meet demands of every woman.

Who/ What was the inspiration behind your brand?

INCODE 8817 collection is inspired by Prince. My main source of inspiration was his music, his personality and performance outfits. I played with basic garments such as sweatshirts and reinterpreted them, converting into feminine and desirable outwear adding an artistic touch.

I take simple forms and feminine silhouettes, strengthened with bright details and deconstruct to give it unconventional cut.

Where do you see your brand in five years time?

My dream is to make INCODE popular and desirable. I dream to see my designs worn on a catwalk of one of the fashion capitals, and what's more important - see woman wearing my garments every day.

Rosamund of Scotland

Who are you?

Rosamund is a family run fashion brand. My name is Chloe White and I design the clothing and make the patterns and my mum Susan White is the textile designer and fine artist. We both construct the garments, so from sketch to dress everything is created by us in our little workshop.

Rosamund is a brand-new fashion label for womenswear. Each outfit is really a piece of art and an original. We have used lots of different embellishments and have had great fun including lots of hidden details in each garment to make them quirky and fun. We use the best quality materials to create clothing that is beautiful and luxurious to wear including 100% Silk and linen blends. We don’t follow trends, so our designs are always unique.

What was the inspiration behind the brand?

Our first collection `The Love Letter Collection` is inspired by my time working as a postie for the Royal Mail. My partner is also a Postman and we have had four beautiful, fun and very energetic young `Royal Mail Babies` together. So, this first collection has a special significance for me in my transformation from mummy/postie to finally starting my career doing what I love. I am getting the chance to work alongside my amazingly talented mum, putting our skills to good use. 

Where do you see your brand in five years time?

I would like to see Rosamund as a strong Scottish company in the future, perhaps opening our first shop. I want to continue to let our imaginations run wild to create lots of lovely clothing that are different and stands out. Also, to continue to source our materials from local businesses and develop our brand in an ethical, sustainable and thoughtful way. 

Fashioned in Glasgow: Fashion Show

The show will enable an exciting mix of emerging fashion brands and independent designers to show their collections and gain greater awareness in an incredibly vibrant industry.

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