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Help grow our Scottish Design Tree 01 Nov 2016

If we take Mackintosh as the starting point can we identify other designers from Scotland or who trained in Scotland who have also created inspirational design?

Help us build up a picture starting with Mackintosh who is considered the Father of Scottish design, let it grow across the windows to display an inspirational landscape of designers.

What we are looking for is the name of the designer, the name of the design and why it inspires you.

Here are some great examples of those already added:

Page & Park Architects, The Lighthouse part 2

James Gilchrist & Beth Wilson, GDFS & Warrior Studios

Gillian Kyle, Illustrated Designs inspired by Scotland

Alexander 'Greek' Thompson, Architect. Pioneer of sustainable buildings.

If you haven't had the chance to add yours to our Design Tree, you can send your submissions to us by email:, tell us on Facebook or Twitter and we will add them for you.

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