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Analogue Shop News 06 Dec 2016
by Analogue Social

In December 2015, Analogue Social launched the Analogue Shop. A permanent retail space in the Lighthouse, Scotland's centre for design and architecture, it has been dedicated to hosting and selling the work of over 50 designers based in Scotland. The last 12 months running the Analogue Shop have been a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our network, help to raise the profile of many excellent designers, and has been a venture of which we are very proud.

Exciting things on the horizon!

Although the Analogue Shop has been an interesting chapter for Analogue Social, the time commitments required to successfully run a shop have stretched our resources. This has meant that we have been restricted in our ability to produce alternative design events in 2016. With 2017 just around the corner, and some exciting news from Analogue Social to come with it, it is with sadness that we must announce the departure in January 2017 of the Analogue Shop from its permanent retail space in the Lighthouse. The decision has been made in order to allow us the time to concentrate on what we love the most, producing innovative design events with the goal of helping to develop a sustainable, diverse and connected Scottish design community. 

Analogue Shop is not dead! 

The decision made, has been to ‘temporarily park’ the Analogue Shop in its present form. Having invested a lot of time and energy in building the Analogue Shop brand, as well as creating some great relationships with designers in Scotland, we believe we have something worth holding onto. In the future, the Analogue Shop will form a part of more transient events, for example, events similar to Analogue Social’s ‘11 Mitchell Lane’ exhibition/shop/workshop which we ran in the Lighthouse in December 2014. Events of this nature allow us not only the opportunity to sell the work of local designers, but also to further other Analogue Social goals, such as engaging the wider Scottish community with design and the designers working amongst them. 

A big thank you!

We would like to thank all the talented and diverse designers that have helped make the Analogue Shop’s year at the Lighthouse a successful one. We appreciate the energy and enthusiasm they showed towards the project, their patience with us as we got to grips with running the shop and the continued support received in promoting the shop. It has been great to build new relationships and we hope that we can work together again in the future. We would also like to thank the Lighthouse who gave us the opportunity to open the Analogue Shop, and invested the time in helping us explore a permanent retail space for the first time. Since the beginnings of Analogue Social, the Lighthouse has been willing to host many of our events and has always been open to new ideas and proposals. In terms of fulfilling Analogue Social’s aims of helping promote and develop the Scottish design community, we recognise how important it is to have a strong centre for design and architecture in Scotland and we therefore value deeply the relationship we have built with the Lighthouse. Although we are removing our permanent presence in the Lighthouse, we look forward to working again with them in the future. 

One more month! 

There is one last month left of the Analogue Shop at the Lighthouse. So we urge you to take a break from the usual pre-Christmas, high-street shopping chaos, for some alternative Christmas gifts from our local designers at the Analogue Shop. 

AnSo Gathering! 

As always you are invited to our monthly open gathering for the design-minded in Scotland, the AnSo Gathering. This takes place on the last Wednesday of every month in Saramago Cafe Bar at the CCA from 8pm. Due to a Christmas break, the next gathering will take place on 25th January 2017. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates, opportunities and events from Analogue Social and the Scottish design community. 

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